Entrepreneur test

Welcome to the entrepreneur test. To get a good idea of ​​you as a person, the atmosphere of your company or practice, what you want to achieve and what you sometimes struggle with, we have offered you a test and an intake interview at our expense. You are now about to start the test and answering the questions takes about half an hour. Take a moment for it. It is important that you can complete this within a few hours.

First of all we ask you to enter your personal data, after sending this data the questions will appear on your screen.

After the test you will be contacted for an evaluation of your test, this can be done by telephone, via Skype or in person, an evaluation by email is not possible.

As an instruction we give you:

  • Yes - means yes or usually yes.
  • ? - means maybe or not sure.
  • No- means no or usually not. Answer every question as you feel AT THIS MOMENT, or as you now experience or see it.

The accuracy depends on the honesty of your answers.

Good luck!